Here Are 7 Tips for Designing the Best Sunroom for Your Home


For most people, summer is the perfect time to find a new hobby or start a home improvement project. However, there will be times when you want to enjoy the sunshine without bathing in your sweat. 

For this reason, it may be best to invest in a sunroom for your next home project. This room allows you to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking outdoor view without worrying about the scorching heat. 

Below, we’ve enumerated seven tips to help you design the picture-perfect sunroom for your home.

1. Create a Theme 

When designing a sunroom, custom home builders strongly recommend creating a theme for your space. A clear theme dictates your sunroom’s overall design and feel. Whether you want something closer to a rural cottage or even a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed sunroom, it doesn’t need to match the surroundings or the rest of your home. A sunroom is a unique home addition that allows you to unleash your creative side. 

2. Choose Bright Colours 

Besides creating a more inviting and outdoorsy space, bright colours can save your skin. It can also make your sunroom feel more open. Custom home builders strongly recommend choosing green, yellow, or white colours for your cushions to avoid burning your butt. On the other hand, dark colours like black, brown, or navy blues draw in heat and can make your space feel like an oven on a summer day. 

3. Add a Bar 

Custom home builders strongly recommend adding a bar to your sunroom because it’s a great way to entertain guests. This home addition can also increase property value and be a focal point in your room. 

Besides concocting and distributing refreshing beverages on a hot summer day, a bar can also save you the hassle of going back and forth from your kitchen to the sunroom. It’s also best to find a bar that will work well with the rest of your sunroom’s furniture. 

4. Don’t Use Soft Floors 

While your sunroom can help you enjoy a safe and cool summer, you can also use this space as a recreation space during other times of the year. Nobody would want to spend a cold winter in a sunroom. And for this reason, custom home builders strongly recommend using stone and tile floors because they can effectively trap heat. We strongly discourage carpets unless you want a heating system in your sunroom. 

5. Use Wood, Not Plastic Furniture 

Like other rooms in your home, your furniture choices can significantly impact how you’ll present your sunroom. A common sunroom design mistake is choosing outdoor furniture over its indoor counterparts. Patio furniture, such as plastic lawn chairs and umbrella-covered glass tables, can detriment your room’s value because it won’t look good in a room with more windows. Custom home builders strongly encourage choosing wooden furniture to give your space a classy look. 

6. Add Interior and Exterior Finishes

If you want to boost and maintain your property’s value, custom home builders strongly encourage you to add interior and exterior finishes that match the design of the rest of your home. Remember, while a sunroom can help unleash your creative side, you want to create a cohesive look, not an eyesore. 

7. Add Decorations 

Lastly, it’s always best to add decorations to your sunroom’s design. You can hang curtains, add lighting, and display paintings on the glass walls. You can also add plants to give an outdoor feel to your space.

Designing a Captivating Space

A sunroom is one of the best additions homeowners can have to their homes during the summer. These design tips and consulting custom home builders can help create a beautiful space. 

If you need custom home builders in Ottawa to help create your sunroom, we can help. Sierra Gate Homes has extensive expertise and experience in residential home construction to help you with your home improvement project. Contact us now, and we’ll construct the best sunroom!

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