231 Daniel - Streetscape RenderingConstruction project management is an arrangement where the builder manages the construction process on the client’s behalf. The client pays all construction costs and a fixed management fee. The construction costs do not attract a margin, which allows the client to build at cost. The management fee is agreed upon prior to commencement of the project and remitted on a monthly basis. Construction project management is a totally transparent form of construction. The client reviews every invoice submitted by trades and suppliers.

With construction project management, the builder acts as a consultant, using their expertise to make the project flow smoothly, minimise costs and attend to all project details. However, the client retains a high degree of control over, and involvement in, the process. This is an excellent option for clients who have time and are interested in being closely involved in every step of their build.

Construction Project Management Services

As a construction project management firm, Sierra Gate Homes provides you with a comprehensive range of construction services. We work with you from the design phase until the final inspection of your home. And our commitment to you does not end upon completion of your project. We stand behind the work we do. This means that you can expect courteous and professional ongoing service from Sierra Gate Homes.

Our construction project management services are as follows:

  • Assist you in developing the overall project concept;
  • Conduct a thorough site evaluation with you to ensure that your design is a purposeful response to the terrain, views, the path of the sun, prevailing winds and other features;
  • Hold design meetings with the architect to ensure that your home is being detailed for construction in the most economical manner;
  • Evaluate alternative design concepts, materials and systems, taking into consideration construction methods, cost, schedule, quality, performance and environmental sustainability;
  • Provide you with a construction cost estimate and update it as the design progresses;
  • Provide you with a critical path method project schedule and update it as the design progresses;
  • With the assistance of our interior designer, work with you in our design centre to select your materials, colour schemes and interior finishings;
  • Coordinate completion of drawings; and
  • Establish a construction project management fee based on the scope of work for your approval.

Sierra Gate Homes receives all invoices from the trades and suppliers, and verifies their accuracy. In the case of trade invoices, we ensure that they respect the amounts specified in the contracts. We include every invoice in the monthly report that we submit to you for approval. You remit one payment for the entire report. We then remit payment to the trades and suppliers. Payments commence at the end of the first month of construction. The trades are not fully paid until we have inspected and approved their work.

Sierra Gate Homes signs sub-contract agreements with all of our trades. These agreements detail the following:

  • Scope of work;
  • WSIB and liability insurance requirements;
  • Licensing and certification requirements;
  • Contract schedule;
  • Contract value;
  • Invoicing schedule;
  • Payment terms; and
  • Site safety procedures.
  • Arrange for and provide temporary utility services and site facilities;
  • Establish and administer a health and safety program for the site in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Labour requirements;
  • Establish procedures for materials delivery, storage and handling;
  • Ensure that all necessary construction permits and approvals are in place;
  • Solicit contract bids from general and specialty trades, explaining the scope of work to them, clarifying the drawings and documents, and resolving their questions and concerns, in order to ensure competitive prices;
  • Receive and evaluate contract bids from trades;
  • Make contract award recommendations to you;
  • Verify that each trade has the necessary licenses, certifications and insurance;
  • Execute the trade contracts;
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of all trades;
  • Organise and supervise the construction process;
  • Monitor quality control;
  • Monitor construction costs;
  • Review change orders for accuracy and submit them to you for approval;
  • Evaluate and approve trade and supplier invoices;
  • Compile a monthly financial report for you that includes all original invoices;
  • Receive payment for the invoices from you, and remit payment to the trades and suppliers;
  • Investigate issues that arise during the course of the work and provide you with recommended solutions;
  • Review and approve product samples, shop drawings and other submittals;
  • Conduct weekly or biweekly project meetings with you; and
  • Submit regular progress reports to you detailing construction costs and schedule updates.
  • Inspect all work for defects and deficiencies, and undertake corrective measures;
  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the project with you; and
  • Administer warranties provided by the trades and suppliers.