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A design-build arrangement is a fixed-price building contract where the total price for the home (including the builder’s fees) is mutually agreed upon in advance by the client and the builder. The client pays a deposit prior to commencement of the project. Thereafter, the client remits payment in a series of draws. An advantage of the design-build option is single-source accountability. Rather than dealing separately with an architectural firm and a general contractor, the client relies on one individual – the builder – to handle both the design and construction phases of the project. In a design-build project, the builder assumes responsibility for the entire project. The client simply remits payment at intervals and is relieved of the anxiety associated with the day-to-day construction process. This is an excellent option for clients who do not have the time to be closely involved in every step of their build.

Design-Build Services

The process starts and ends with you. In your first meeting with Sierra Gate Homes, you describe your project in detail. We listen carefully to your ideas and develop a clear understanding of your lifestyle needs. Using the information that you provide to us, we design and build a home that meets or surpasses your expectations. As a design-build firm, Sierra Gate Homes provides you with a comprehensive range of design and construction services. We work with you from project conception until the final inspection of your home. And our commitment to you does not end upon completion of your project. We stand behind the work we do. This means that you can expect courteous and professional ongoing service from Sierra Gate Homes.

Our design-build services are as follows:
  • Meet with you to determine your budget and building needs;
  • Conduct a thorough site evaluation with you to ensure that your design will be a purposeful response to the terrain, views, the path of the sun, prevailing winds and other features;
  • Work with our architects to develop a design that satisfies your needs and desires, ensuring focus on quality, budget, schedule, sound engineering and environmental sustainability;
  • With the assistance of our interior designer, work with you in our design centre to select your materials, colour schemes and interior finishings;
  • Present the design and budget to you for approval, and make modifications as required;
  • Coordinate completion of drawings; and
  • Establish the draw schedule.
  • Arrange for and provide temporary utility services and site facilities;
  • Establish and administer a health and safety program for the site in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Labour requirements;
  • Establish procedures for materials delivery, storage and handling;
  • Ensure that all necessary construction permits and approvals are in place;
  • Hire general and specialty trades and execute the trade contracts;
  • Verify that each trade has the necessary licenses, certifications and insurance;
  • Develop and maintain a critical path method project schedule;
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of all trades;
  • Organise and supervise the construction process;
  • Monitor quality control;
  • Monitor construction costs;
  • Review change orders for accuracy;
  • Evaluate, approve and pay trade and supplier invoices;
  • Resolve issues that arise during the course of the work; and
  • Review and approve product samples, shop drawings and other submittals.
  • Inspect all work for defects and deficiencies, and undertake corrective measures;
  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the project with you; and
  • Administer warranties provided by trades and suppliers.

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