Is a Lindal Cedar home a kit home?

When you purchase a Lindal Cedar home, you are buying a complete home building materials package, not just a kit. This package is customized to fit your needs, your site and your budget. After all, it is not a wood pile, it is a lifestyle.

Are your home prefab (prefabricated)?

Our homes are custom-designed and crafted around a building system incorporating post-and-beam construction technology. We further detail the plans and high-quality materials with a part numbering system, where every piece of timber has a place. So our system differs from true prefab. But our system provides a flexible and accurate approach to building a custom home not found at your local custom builder or in the prefab market.

How many Lindal homes have been constructed?

Over 55,000 Lindal homes have been built around the world.

What is included in the package I get from Lindal?

Your Lindal package includes:

  • A comprehensive range of Lindal dealer services;
  • Design and plan services;
  • The entire weathertight shell (framing materials, connectors, exterior cedar siding, cedar windows, exterior and interior doors, baseboards, window and door trim);
  • Lindal’s industry-exclusive lifetime structural warranty; and
  • Access to a range of quality options and upgrades.

What is the difference between a post-and-beam and conventional construction?

Lindal post-and-beam construction is designed to carry all of the weight of the home on the post-and-beam structure, limiting the weight on perimeter walls and indoor partitions. This allows for large open spaces, and for rooms to be modified more easily. Conventional construction bears weight on interior and perimeter walls, making modifications more difficult.

What makes Lindal post-and-beam construction different from other post-and-beam companies?

Lindal uses a unique grade of architectural glu-lam posts and beams. Compared to conventional posts and beams, the glu-lam post and beam is more stable and does not warp or twist.

Are structural panels used in a Lindal home?

Structural panels, when required by local codes, are used as prescribed by engineering, and work very well with our naturally strong system. Lindal post-and-beam construction is a system that, in and of itself, readily withstands onslaughts of extreme weather. We have had great success in our homes overcoming hurricanes and earthquakes.

Is Lindal environmentally conscious?

Lindal uses wood judiciously in our production processes and we buy our wood from sources that follow prudent forest practices. We also do not use “old growth” timbers and prefer a smaller log to maintain quality. Western red cedar, used in our homes, is a member of the Arbor vitae family and is grown primarily on the west coast.

Can I get the same components locally?

The quality of materials used in a Lindal home cannot be purchased at your local lumber yard. Our Western red cedar comes from the forests of British Columbia. Our strict quality control standards and grading system begin where industry standards end. By kiln drying the timber to reduce and control moisture content, we also decrease the twisting and warping that often occurs with green or air-dried timber. Kiln drying reduces the weight while increasing strength, making your construction easier and freight costs lower. We also specify select structural grades that are typically not available in local lumber yards. Not all Western red cedar is the same quality as Lindal Western red cedar.

Does it take longer to construct a Lindal home than a conventional home?

A Lindal post-and-beam home takes about the same amount of time to build as a custom-designed conventional home.