Some of the Custom Home Trends to Look Out for This 2023

white kitchen


Creating your ideal home from scratch is a huge (but thrilling) project. Whether you have trouble making decisions or know exactly what you want, this might be a difficult process. If that’s what’s stopping you from building your dream home, take a look at the following custom home trends for 2023 for ideas. There will be many fascinating developments in 2023, from eco-friendly additions to tranquil escapes and dreamy all-white kitchens.


The use of arches in building design has seen a resurgence in 2018 as the trend toward gothic revival continues. Arches are a time-honoured Roman architectural detail that has been used to make rooms feel more open and welcoming.

They are aesthetically pleasing and quite sturdy, which is why so many ancient structures built with them are still standing today.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a type of eco-friendly architecture that intentionally incorporates natural features into man-made structures. The idea is to create a home that makes its people feel closer to and more in harmony with the natural world around them by using forms, textures, and colours that match those found in the landscape. In a time when many property owners are trying to do their part to reduce their environmental impact, this trend is gaining traction.

Butler’s Pantry 

A butler’s pantry, for those who don’t know, is a small room off the kitchen or dining room where dirty dishes and other kitchen necessities can be hidden from guests. These spaces are seeing a robust renaissance, appearing in homes once more. It is a wonderful place to keep extra dishes and cutlery and a handy way to keep the kitchen clean and tidy for guests.

The kitchen equipment and square footage needed for a butler’s pantry are significantly less. The space might even have a mini-kitchen. Nevertheless, in reality, the options are practically limitless.

Modern Bungalow 

The modern bungalow has surpassed the appeal of the modern farmhouse, particularly among younger generations. These low-priced, visually appealing bungalows don’t require much more than one level of construction.

Modern bungalows differ from their more conventional counterparts in a number of ways, including higher ceilings, a more modern open floor plan, larger bathrooms, and a more modern façade.

Terrazzo Tiles

It seems that this year terrazzo tile will be one of the most popular tile options. In 2023, it will be commonplace in both domestic kitchens and bathrooms. Adding terrazzo tile to a room is a great way to give it a natural feel. There is a wide variety available, from solid-colour terrazzo to multicoloured mosaics.

White Kitchens 

This year also saw the demise of colourful kitchens and the rise of white kitchens as more fashionable than ever before. A white kitchen is a timeless option since it is easy to keep clean, looks great in any setting, and will never go out of style.

Beautiful white kitchens are shown in numerous publications and online resources. We’re huge fans of this understatedly chic style.

Works of Wood

This year, architects, interior designers, and homeowners have all been flocking to wood for use in both indoor and outdoor projects. The wood construction can be tailored to fit any aesthetic or budget. Wood is a timeless material that may be used to enhance a home’s exterior with architectural details or to warm up an otherwise cold interior with wood beams or accent walls.


2023 promises to bring a variety of custom home trends that will make your home stand out. There will be something for everyone from smart home technology to sustainable, eco-friendly building materials.

Indeed, whether you’re looking to stay on trend or simply make your home more comfortable and enjoyable, these custom home trends can help you create a living space that is truly unique and special.

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